Your Path to Success with Modular International GCSEs

Your Path to Success with Modular International GCSEs

We’ve cultivated a strong partnership with Pearson Edexcel over the last few years, tirelessly working to offer Private Candidates an unparalleled range of qualifications. Whether you’re stepping outside mainstream education, pursuing homeschooling, seizing a second chance, or advancing your learning journey, we’re your dedicated support system.

And now, brace yourselves for groundbreaking news! After gaining approval to present Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Levels, we’re thrilled to share even more exciting updates. Tutors & Exams South Africa is officially authorised to offer Pearson Edexcel Modular International GCSEs. This approval stands as a unique achievement in the Private Candidate realm, setting Tutors & Exams South Africa apart as the sole South African private exam centre with such recognition. Notably, Pearson Edexcel is the exclusive awarding body providing a modular route for International GCSEs, offering an innovative alternative to the linear assessment approach.

What are Modular International GCSEs?

Modular International GCSEs provide unit-style qualifications, allowing candidates to spread assessments across several exam seasons. Imagine breaking down your study journey, perhaps starting an International GCSE in September over two years. With Modular International GCSEs, you can stagger assessments to ease pressure, track progress, or simply manage your pace. After the first year, consider sitting one module in the first summer and another in the second summer. If availability permits, why not attempt one in the Autumn series and another in the Summer series? No resit rules or age restrictions apply, just consider the May/June 2024 assessment for the first group of Modular International GCSEs, followed by the second group in May/June 2025.

What is the difference between the modular and linear International GCSE routes?

Modular Route:

  • Unit assessments span multiple exam series.
  • Grades are derived from raw marks, later converted to UMS (Uniform Mark Scale).
  • Students can re-sit individual units in any series.
  • Upon collecting all unit results, students can ‘cash in’ for their final grade.

Linear Route:

  • Assessments for all units occur in a single exam series.
  • Grades are calculated solely from raw marks.
  • Students can re-sit assessments for all units in a single series.
  • Final grades are calculated at the end of the series in which assessments were taken.

Which modular International GCSEs are available when?

Group 1 Modular International GCSEs (Available from September 2023):

  • Accounting
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • English Language A
  • English Literature
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Studies

Group 2 Modular International GCSEs (Available from September 2024):

  • Mathematics A
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science (Double Award)

How Do Modular International GCSEs Work?

The process is straightforward, learn and enrol for Modular International GCSEs when you’re ready. As you approach completion of the initial learning objectives, apply to Tutors & Exams South Africa for your exams. Early application is key to sidestepping late fees and securing Access Arrangements. Once you’ve completed your last unit, apply to cash in all your units. This brings all your units together (including the best mark of any previously sat units) and gives you an overall grade.

An added perk of Modular International GCSEs: if you choose the whole qualification route, similar to a linear International GCSE, and fall short in just one unit, you can re-sit that unit to enhance your overall grade. The well-performed unit remains “Banked,” offering you the chance to shine even brighter.

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