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Booking your place at one of the exam centres is easy and straight forward, you will need to register using our online application form.

Your Exam Centre and About Us

Tutors & Exams has over 100 years of exam centre and education experience. Your experienced Team are Awarding Body Managers, former Teachers, OfQual Advisers and Senior Assessors at a number of Awarding Bodies.

As a result, access to a wide range of assessments that are normally out of reach in a safe, calm and welcoming environment is easy for you to achieve.

If you are home-educated, a distance-learner, excluded or a private candidate then we assure you of the best level of care and service throughout the entire process at every Tutors & Exams SA exam centre.

We have Exam Centres in Centurion, Cape Town and Durban.

Making sure that our Exam Centres are close to transport hubs and car parks, along with facilities for chaperones within or nearby, has been important to us.

Accessibility for learners is also our top priority. As a result; International GCSE and International A-Levels are available to adults and younger learners at our Exam Centres. Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you might have.

We care passionately about the safety and well-being of learners irrespective of ability, age, gender orientation, race or religious beliefs. Your Exams Team are professionally trained.

Your Private Candidate Exam Centre is approved by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and Pearson Edexcel for:

  • International GCSE
  • International Advanced Levels (IALs) AS/A

We are also accredited for Cambridge Admission Tests.
Available for all types of learners!

Feel free to contact us with any query you might have. All enquiries will be dealt with integrity and professionalism.

We provide learners that wouldn’t normally have direct access to tutoring and exams such as:

  • Home Schooled
  • Distance learners
  • Excluded learners
  • Private candidates

Your Exam Centre team offer a safe, calm and welcoming environment to ensure you meet your potential when taking assessments.

Therefore, you can be confident of the best level of advice, support, care and service throughout. All our teams are professionally trained.

Our exam centres are available to every learner.

Meet your Team

Your Professional Exams Team is made up of Senior Management, Operational, Finance and SEN (Special Educational Needs) Advisers. You can get the best guidance on any assessment question you may have. Your Team is there throughout the whole of the journey from initial enquiry to certification.

Exams Abroad

Are you looking to sit your exams in the UK, if so good news as we have eight Tutors & Exams centres based in Belfast, Bolton, Coventry, Doncaster, High Wycombe, St.Neots, Taunton and Wimbledon.

Tutors & Exams UK

provides learners, typically those outside of mainstream education, with access to assessment opportunities regardless of age or background.  Since 2014 we have established a network of exam centres across the UK that currently serves 63% of the UK adult population with more planned to open this coming academic year.

Each of our Private Candidate Exam Centres is able to provide a wealth of assessment options, from A Levels to Functional Skills.

As a Home Educator, Distance Learner, Excluded Learner or Private Candidate you can be assured of a safe, calm and welcoming environment with staff dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible service.  They will be there to guide you from initial enquiry to certification.

For further information on our team and the exams we offer, click on the link below:


Tutors & Exams International

Alternatively, if you are looking to sit an exam elsewhere in the world then Tutors & Exams International provides a service to help Private Candidates locate assessment venues to sit exams. For a small fee, we will endeavour to help you find a venue to sit your exams, either within our own centres, or across our global network of affiliate exam centres. Our Exam Centre Locator Service (ECLS) is endorsed by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) and features on their website Private candidates (cambridgeinternational.org).  Tutors & Exams also have a long-established relationship with Pearson Edexcel to deliver their international qualification subjects.

Also, are you a Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge Assessment International Education approved centre looking to support Private Candidates? If so, we would love to work with you and either refer Candidates to you to make their entries directly, or alternatively we can manage the entries, access arrangements and other associated tasks. You will only need to invigilate the candidates, with the highest level of care, and return the scripts as instructed.

For further information on what we offer, click on the link below:



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