USAF Exemption Certificates

The Two–Sitting Rule

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USAF Exemption Certificates – Understanding the Requirements and Process

Candidates who would like to study at South African universities would need to apply for exemption certificates. In deciding what subjects to take candidates should always be guided by the basic requirements set by the university of choice for the qualification they would like to follow.
Exemption Certificates are issued by USAF to candidates who do not follow the South African curriculum. This is done in accordance with the regulations set in the Government Gazette published 5 December 2008.

Understanding the Two-Sitting Rule

The Two-Sitting rule applies in South Africa in terms of qualifications for IGCSEs and International AS Levels. Once you pass your International A Levels the rule will no longer apply.
In terms of the Two-Sitting rule, candidates need to meet the minimum requirements for the Exemption Certificate in two exam sittings. An exam sitting is seen as a 12-month period. Therefore, candidates would have 24 months to complete all subjects.
Each 12-month period has 3 exam sessions. Exams are available in Oct/November, January, and May/June. All subjects are not offered in all sessions and Cambridge International does not offer exams in January. Please double-check the entry guides for the relevant awarding body to see when subjects are available.

You can sit subjects either from Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE).

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