Exam Entries Timetables Results

Exam Entries Timetables are a really important tool to allow you to plan your visit to centre, revision and general studies. All exam dates are fixed and are we are not able to reschedule them for different dates.


The only situation where we can move exams is where you have a “timetable clash”. A Timetable Clash is where two exams are scheduled at the same date and time by the Awarding Body. This is normal and we resolve clashes by moving one of the exams, normally the shorter, to either straight after the first, or to the morning/afternoon session.


Soon after Exam Entry Deadline has passed, we will issue personal timetables through your learner portal. We will ensure to list out all your personal details, candidate number, centre number, exam date, exam papers, start time and duration. Exam Entries Timetables Results are important and need to be checked.

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