What Exams Can I sit?
... and Where?

Tutors & Exams has a network of exams centres covering a wide range of subjects, across South Africa.

What exams can I sit?

Our fully approved examination centres located in South Africa is where you can sit your exams. We make sure your centre has fantastic access facilities and are close to all major transport routes. If you are studying with or part of an institution not listed on our website, please contact us to see how we can work with you.

  • International GCSE Exam Centre
  • International A Level Exam Centre

International GCSE Exam Centre

We offer International GCSEs from the following Awarding Bodies:

International A Level

We offer International AS and A Levels, with the following Awarding Bodies

Pearson Edexcel

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

Admission Tests

University Admission Tests, are designed to measure students’ skills and help Universities evaluate how ready students are for university-level work.

These are available at Tutors & Exams. Our centres are authorised by Cambridge Assessment to administer Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing

This was formerly known as the Admissions Testing Service; Cambridge Assessment Admission Testing supports

University Distance Learning

We accommodate Distance Learning Programmes assessments for  Universities.
Tutors & Exams International are able to provide exams services for any Distance Learning Programme with the approval of the learning provider.

We have worked with dozens of Universities across the world to deliver one off exams to their learners.

Proctoring and University Students Abroad

We have worked with dozens of Universities across the world to deliver one off exams to their learners on vacation or learning outside of their country. Contact us to let us know your needs and we will arrange your exams with your learning provider.

Professional Qualifications

Tutors & Exams don’t just offer International A Levels and International GCSE’s. We are an approved assessment centre for several professional organisations and we’re always looking to support more! If you are a supplier of Professional Qualifications and need an exam venue, we can work with you. We can cater for any number of candidates in a location that suits you (dependent on regulatory requirements).

Student with Special Needs

Access Arrangements allow candidates/learners with special educational needs, disabilities or temporary injuries to access the assessment without changing the demands of the assessment

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