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Non-Examined Assessments

Part of your qualification's structure

Non Examined Assessment


Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) is just that. It is part of your qualification’s structure which doesn’t have an end point exam such as English or Foreign Language Speaking Test.

What subjects can you apply for?



Tutors & Exams have specialised in Language assessments right from the outset. We understand that you may struggle to find a centre that can cater for the Speaking component of language assessments. To date, we have assessed 25 languages. Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Sinhala, Dutch, Punjabi, Portuguese, Swahili, Greek, Turkish, Urdu, Latin, Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Malay and Sanskrit. So we think we’ve got something for everyone! If you speak another language, let’s talk your language!


Other Subjects

We also handle a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional subjects including Maths, Psychology, Sociology, ICT, Computer Science, Accounting, Economics, Law, Business and a whole lot more! If you can’t see it listed, just let us know and we’ll work with you, or talk to you about the subject.

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