Crimson Global Academy (CGA)

Crimson Global Academy (CGA)

T&E International are delighted to announce our first partnership with Crimson Global Academy (CGA) a world-class online high school designed for ambitious students.

Tutors & Exams have a long association with many Distance Learning Partnerships to deliver a seamless and guaranteed assessment experience for their learners. In recent years we have significantly grown the number of partners we work with, in particular online schools who are becoming more prevalent in the post COVID era.

Having launched our first ‘International’ centre here in Centurion, assessing Pearson Edexcel qualifications, we are keen to forge new relationships with local and international DLPs, bringing to bear the assessment expertise we have accumulated over the last seven years in the UK.

Presently CGA students are enrolled from 18 countries across the globe with plans to offer their services further afield. The diversity and drive of the CGA student body is the pride of the school.

We’re proud to be partnered with Crimson Global Academy (CGA), an organisation committed to providing education for all and removing barriers to learning. Please take a moment to read their biography.

Students choose CGA for a variety of reasons, not least the ability to accelerate their learning beyond their traditional classroom.
The Crimson Global Academy mission is simple: “To provide premium education without the constraints of physical schooling. We connect the world’s leading teachers to a small, live class of international learners, wherever they are.” Learn more about the CGA global online school here.

The Crimson Global Academy online high school aims to provide:

● effective, challenging and transformative schooling
● access to cutting-edge educational technologies
● a ‘whole person’ approach to our students
● a connection to the global learning environment
● a diverse programme of extracurricular actitivies, and,
● a positive school culture

Crimson Global Academy aims to provide any student, anywhere, at any age, the ability to access online classes taught by world-class teachers. See why students chose CGA here.

Crimson Global Academy Teachers

The CGA academic faculty have been rigorously vetted and thoughtfully selected for their inspiration, engagement and proven track record of outstanding student results. Their dedication, depth and passion for teaching inspires and builds confidence in students. Plus, they all believe in the importance of online learning for the future of education.

CGA fully registered teachers are based around the world, including in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond. They bring over 20 years of teaching experience. They have:

● Tutored National Olympiad teams
● Taught students that achieved the Top in Country and/or in the World for relevant subjects
● Educated students with perfect scores for the SATs, and more.

See what CGA students have to say about their teachers here.

CGA provide:
● Rigorous, reputable and internationally recognised curriculum. Pupils take International GCSE and/or A-Level subjects, or Advanced Placement courses.
● Leading technology to provide a rich online experience
● Flexibility both in terms of location as well as enrolment options.

Learn more about the CGA classroom technology here.

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